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Another Chapter

Struggling today. Mostly okay, but my mood is low. Motivation is hard to find. Have done chores again today (changing beds and washing the linen) just to make sure that I do more than sit on the sofa all day.

Am totally annoying myself by playing on my phone too much.  Which should mean that I’ll get up and do something soon, just to stop that. Only it’s not working, hating this.  Hating myself, and I know I have to get out of this because it’s part of that damning downward spiral, but I’m not sure what to do with myself. I would happily go for a walk, but of course, that’s not happening with all the isolation measures we all need to keep to.

What I have done today, a first for a good couple of weeks, is that I actually managed to write a whole chapter of my book, that’s around 2,500 words. This was part of book four of a set of five from my steampunk. I won’t advertise it here, for the simple reason that none of the books are available at the moment. The whole series been picked up by an American publisher and will be produced again, hopefully this year, but with the Corvid-19 situation, that may be put off.

This is something else that bugs me about me. I have this voice in my head that tells me I’m crap at everything, but right this second I have publishing contracts for six books. The series of five and a standalone crime novel. That is not crap. That shows that I can write and write well. These are the things I need remind myself of – I have worth.

Right well, that’s it for me tonight. More tomorrow.

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