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Bath Time

Am now back after three days away in the campervan. Have to say that the campervan is a real boon to our life. Being able to take these short breaks in the middle of the week when my hubby has some time of work is just wonderful.

Though only a short break it was one of the most relaxing breaks we’ve had in a while. Very chilled, even though it was was of course, in a heatwave.

We took a quick break down in Bath, a city we haven’t been to in well over a decade. And this time we actually did a lot of the tourist things that we wouldn’t normally do and it was fab!

Knowing we had the time away, I pre-booked tickets to get into the Roman baths, somewhere that I have never actually visited before.  They are very well curated, though I wouldn’t want to jump in that water, though I believe it wouldn’t have been green in Roman times. I vaguely remember hearing that that colour is down to something we’re doing that the Romans didn’t, though I can’t remember what. We did of course have a drink of the waters, there’s a special fountain point at the end of the tour where you can. I was surprised how warm the water comes up from the ground, and no as bad tasting as some I’ve drunk from other spas.

With the cathedral being a step away from the baths, we or course went in, and lovely it is too. Some wonderful stained glasses, and it always amazes me how memorial masons manage to get such fine and lifelike detail from marble. We also wandered along the river and got a lovely view of the unusual v-shaped weir, where, of course we did a geocache.

We also visited the Jane Austen Centre, which was something of a surprise, and hugely interesting. I knew Jane had many siblings, though I didn’t know there were eight of them in total or that they were all encouraged to learn ‘finger speech’, what we would call sign language, as the second of the eight children was deaf. I hadn’t really thought about the idea that sign language had been around that long, and that’s something I want to learn more about.

We also got in a trip to No 1 Royal Crescent, where you can walk through the house and the lives of a great Georgian family on the way up. On the way down, you get to see the servants point and view. Have to say I wouldn’t have wanted to be going up and down those stairs day in, day out. But it was interesting to see how the kitchen was set out, in many ways it had a modern feel to it. Though there were obviously none of what we would call modern conveniences such as fridges, they did store things in the cold, and given that we were there on a hot day, it was a refreshing point of the visit. 

That of course took us into the Royal Crescent itself, which is beautiful, and reminded me of the episode of MacDonalds & Dobbs in which Martin Kemp, amongst other 80s stars, crash landed a balloon there, after Rob Brydon’s character had sabotaged it.  Which made later walking past the city police station interesting – a new nice modern building by the way.

In the evenings, I did a lot of reading, a bit of cross stitch, played scrabble (got my first ever 7 letter word), played cards, enjoyed the evenings and just generally relaxed a lot more than I usually do.

Yes, Bath is a lovely city and if you get the chance to go there, it’s well worth the time. All the times you get to see there.

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Busy Day

It’s been from the sublime to the ridiculous today.  Yesterday I was so shattered I couldn’t do anything, today I am shattered because I haven’t stopped.  So far today I have:

  • Transplanted plants from the front garden to pots (13 pots, I hope the transfers are luckier than that number.
  • Done 2 9kg loads of washing.
  • Hung all the washing on the line.
  • Painted the front fence – it’s 6 foot tall it was thirsty for paint (yes lots of gardening being done at the moment.
  • Cooked a fish pie (which I’m looking forward to eating because it’s in the oven right now and smells wonderful!)
  • Been a taxi service for my daughter.
  • Written 6 marketing paragraphs.
  • Posted a blog and stuck that on social media.
  • And now I’m writing this blog.

Apparently, the post-vaccine exhaustion has left me, though I have every intention of doing little more today.  After dinner I am going to have a long soak in a hot bath and then put my feet up with a book for the evening.  There doesn’t appear to be much on TV, so I may binge some more of “Shakespeare and Hathaway”.

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Clearly the last few days have not been great for me. I am moving through the darkest part of the mood, I’m more ‘functional’ again.

One thing I didn’t mention in my posts is that I stank. Yes, really stank. The heat that kept me away at night made me sweat through the day.  Yesterday my blouse was damp to wringing wet.  I was sweaty and I stank. I also hadn’t released my hair from the plait I put in on Tuesday night to sleep in. I almost always do this to control my hair overnight. Because my hair was dirty, the plait just stayed in. Yes, I disgust even myself.

So tonight, I had a bath. It was lovely to soak in hot water, and listen to an Audible book. It was actually quite difficult to get the plait out of my hair, and there was a knot that I had to actually bite out to remove it. So now, I’m clean, washed hair, and feeling better. Am also in clean PJs which is so comfortable.

Realised today that I’ve been neglecting a lot of other things too.  Like I’ve not been taking my usual supplements. Self-neglect and depression are mutually reinforcing. I look a mess, feel a mess and I know that I did that to myself, and that that’s stupid, ergo I’m stupid. Since intelligence is something I prize and take pride in, being stupid depresses me. Vicious circle.

Fact is, I’m no genius, but I am smart, I try to be smarter than my illness, but sometimes it creeps up on me.  Now I have to be smart enough to push it back away.

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Today did not go as planned. It wasn’t a great plan so it doesn’t exactly matter, but that failure makes me feel worthless and undisciplined.

I intended to get up early, do a fitness video, have a bath, then get on with editing and usual pottering about.

I got up about 11:30, didn’t exercise, did get properly dressed though, then some editing and pottering.  I even did the self-care of soak in the bath, but only after my husband went on night shift and then I came straight to bed. I intended to be laptop free tonight, but stuff spilled over and I had to write a blog. This and taking the multivitamins have become the structure of my day.

Today I’ve been trying to get some stuff sorted on a forum, with limited success.  Failed though to add a document to a post.  Couldn’t figure out why, so messaged the site developer.  He did something and told me to try again. I did and it all went the same as the first time. Then I noticed and realised I am an idiot.  I was trying to attach a .docx document – but the site doesn’t accept that format.  After changing it to .rtf I attached the document no problem.  In other words, had I actually read what was on the screen I would have got it right first time.

Of course, the what I’ve said is something that I have to stop. I am not an idiot, I am not worthless nor am I undisciplined. I must stop saying negative things about myself. In truth I wasn’t paying enough attention, wasn’t in the moment. That’s something I am going to have to work on paying attention rather than paying just about enough attention. Mindfulness apps I will investigate.

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Just to be clear, this like most of the pictures I’ve used in this blog were taken years ago. This one in Bloody Scotland (crime writing festival), about 5 years ago.

Got out today, only a walk to a local store for essentials – including a bottle of wine.  Trust me, after the best of three weeks in the house, it felt like an essential. Mind you, I’ve got a glass of it at my side, turns out it’s not as nice as I remember.  But there again, I did dry January, got through most of February with only one evening of drinking, and haven’t drunk anything since my melt down a few days before I started this blog, when I drank two bottles straight – and much to my surprise and my husband’s annoyance, didn’t have a hangover.

So today, I have:

  • Taken my multivitamins, Brewer’s Yeast and iron
  • Taken a walk
  • Done a chore – vacuuming this time
  • Done about 16 pages of editing
  • Written 1800 words of my novel
  • Taken a bath
  • Listened to The Hairy Bikers Roadtrip CD
  • And worried about my family

This last isn’t symptomatic of anything other than I have family I care about, these are worrying time and I feel helpless. Not depressed helpless, just I know I am helpless, there really isn’t anything I can do to help them, much as I want to.

Anyway tonight I’m going to sit in my bed, write a little steampunk while listening to mostly 80s rock, and sip on a glass of wine. Not glamorous, but it gets me through. So for anyone out there, just keep on rocking.

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