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There’s no getting picture of her under the bed.

My cat is doing my nut in.

I work out in the conservatory, so apparently I’m her hooman doorman. So while I’m trying to work I’ll hear a her scratching up the mat to be let out or a plaintive wail to come in. I know it’s just reaching out to open a door and opening it, but when you’re having to do that every few minutes, especially when you’re in a Teams meeting, it gets annoying quick.

But that’s not all, she’s taken to sleeping under the bed, right under where my pillow are. Yes, that is right, UNDER the bed. The worst thing is that I only know this when I hear her walking over the underbed storage or get there or she starts purring or snoring.  Which is really not fun if you think you’re alone (my hubby works night some time) and suddenly you hear something moving under the bed.

In doing this, she also just stays there quietly when you call her.  I don’t know how often I’ve gone to the doors (front and/or back) calling the little minx at late hours for no response.  I don’t know how long she’s been doing this under the bed thing, but now I have even more places to look for her. Worst thing is it’s not easy to see her, so I have to get a directional lamp and pick up the mattress to know if she’s there.

The other day, it was early evening, but I’d gone to the bedroom early to work on my book, and I sat there believing the cat was out when I heard this soft snore. Yes, my cat snores.  Frighten the bloody life out of me, I had no idea she was there.

Still, at least she was safe.

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