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A few days ago we put two bird feeders up in the garden, a seed feeder in the tree and a peanut holder on a hook off the shed. We’ve been keeping an eye out for usage, and nothing, but today, it’s been like Springwatch out there.

There were loads of sparrows coming back and forth, digging into the seed feeder. Something falling to the grass with every peck. Then the Magpies were in pecking at the fallen seeds.

The only thing I haven’t seen is any of them going on the peanut feeder.  I am wondering if that’s in the wrong place. The corner it’s on means that it’s in the sun most of the day, and that might be putting the birds off. I really don’t know if that’s likely to affect the birds use of it or not.

Yesterday, started with me having to separate my cat and Ginge from fighting in the garden. Later on, I hear to lots of magpie noise and looked out to see my cat cowering by the fence, ears back staring up the garden.  When I looked that way, I saw the back of one of the neighbourhood black cats being attacked by a magpie. I just got up to open the door when the magpie flew off, the cat bolted over the back fence, just as the other neighbour’s door hit the fence and started barking.  Not surprisingly the cat ran in.

This afternoon, it started raining hard, so all wildlife has disappeared, and we’re more Autumnwatch than Springwatch.

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