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Fantastic News!

Have now officially heard some fabulous news.  Tana Collins, who has been mentioned in previous posts, has managed to secure a three book deal for her DI Caruthers series.

Well done Tana!

I first read Carruthers in May 2015 when a sample of the first novel landed in my inbox as an editing assignment.  Even though in editing the sample I had to point out that in that first draft Carruthers was a bit of a perv, I knew Tana had a good character, a good story and real potential as a writer.    The full novel, which arrived for my editing about a month later, proved that – I think I impressed her with my knowledge of tattoos – and Carruthers was suddenly a very good guy.

I’ve now edited two in the series and I’ve enjoyed both.  I’d like to see more, though now Tana has a publishing deal it’s unlikely that I – as a mere freelancer – will see book three.  Shame – I guess I’ll just have to buy the third book.  Mind I’ll probably buy the first two anyway.

Unusually for writers who I’ve edited, I’ve actually meet Tana, and she’s a thoroughly lovely lady too.  She deserves this success and I hope it really works out for her.

If you want to know more about Tana, you can find her author page on Facebook, and more details on Bloodhound Books.

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