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At Odds

Today has been an odd day.

And I literally just typed that and had the oddest moment so far. Before settling down to write, I let my cat out. Typed that and all I can hear from the front of the house is cats screaming at each other.  So, I pushed my laptop aside and went out (in my PJs because I’d come to bed to write without the distraction of TV).

I go out, open the front door, call my cat – nothing.

Cats are still screeching, from which I could tell they are on the far side of the campervan.  So, barefoot, I step on to the drive go around and what do I see?

Not my cat.

It’s Collarless and Ginge.

I’m assuming they both live locally because they are often about and I have seen both scrapping with my cat. 

Collarless is called that, by me, because he’s one of two totally black cats in area. The one with the collar is Ozzie, don’t know what this one is called, so I just call him by the notable feature of his not wearing a collar.

Ginge is a pale ginger cat, don’t know if it (or Collarless for the matter) is male or female, but it keeps coming into our back garden.  The other day I found massive great clump of its fur, so clearly it was fighting out there and something got the better of it.

Since neither is my cat, and my cat wasn’t around, and it’s turned really cold, I left them too it. They are still, now ten minutes after the initial screech, howling at one another. 

That, I’m sorry to say, is the most interesting thing I’ve done all day. (Aside from finishing “Chariots of the Gods” audiobook.)

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