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Sometimes it’s really hard to know what to write about. Full days of solid thinking in work can drain the brain.

Good news is that I did get the database developed as much as I needed to (see yesterday’s blog). Now I have a four-day weekend ahead of me. It’s another week when we were just to go away in the van, but of course that got cancelled.

Instead, the decorating is up. The hall, stairs and landing desperately need redecorating, it’s been nagging for a while, but we’ve not had the time.  Now we have. We’ve got all we need to do everything, so tomorrow, it’s up and move the last bookcase, clean the woodwork with sugarsoap and do the glossing.  That should keep us out of trouble for the day.

Which means that the day has been working and preparation, and it’s all worked. Am actually looking forward to getting something done tomorrow.

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