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Been putting things back into the newly decorated hall and landing today (pictures when all done).  With the redecorating, rationalising the mess and number of books was called for.  Doing this partly because we’ve removed one shelf.  Which is nothing in the scheme of things in this house, but it gave me a spur to tidy. Though Maris Wots-her-name can get lost with the 30 books per house rule – 30 books per shelf maybe.

This is just one pile of books to go

Some of the things on the landing bookcase were easy to remove. I had masses of notebooks and printed versions of books that have now gone to print.  So, all of that was removed. As I prefer spiral bound notebooks, I separated the paper pages from the card covers and wire bindings.  That meant we ended up going to the tip with four carrier bags of paper, one of card and one of wire. 

Then I got harder on myself and my book collection.  Books that I’ve read and never intend to read again were put out – unless I’ve formed some emotional connection to them.  The first five DCI Banks, first three Discworlds (and all Discworld hardbacks), those stay even if I won’t read them again.  I kept the Leigh Nichols I bought as a teenager because I love Dean Koontz.

Of those unread, if the blurb didn’t thrill me, they went out too.  In total over 120 books are to go out.  No entirely sure what I’m going to do with them.  Some may be resold on Amazon, others will go to a charity shop.  Can’t take them to the library as all local libraries have cease to accept donations.

It’s hard parting with books, but now I have free shelves to fill.  Good for my mood both ways.

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