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After yesterday’s bad day, I decided I have to do something more to help myself.

I’ve mentioned before that I know exercise is good for depression, and I have been for a few walks, but that’s difficult now with a lot of places being closed. I’ve got loads of exercise DVDs and A Wii fit but no motivation.

Half an hour of exercise a day doesn’t sound like much, but when in depression, it can be too much. Depression makes just getting out of bed a mountain climb, to exercise is an Everest ascent the sufferer just can’t attempt.

I got up not wanting to move, but I know have to do it, so I made myself.  I picked a DVD I know is gentle, that advises on ways to modify so you keep up even if you get winded.

While this did get me a bit hotter and breathing harder, I was surprised how well I kept up.  A lot of my coordination has deserted me, but the I haven’t done any form of exercise class in three years.  The sad part of the ‘used to’ of this is that in my late twenties and early thirties I qualified as an exercise leader, got into it because of my interest in nutrition, as the two usually go hand in hand.

I can feel I’ve worked muscles that haven’t been worked in a while, it’s not a comfortable feeling, but it’s one that I remember and it’s one that, if I can keep up, should lead to better fitness and health. 

Depression makes doing anything a herculean task. Sometimes you have to take the duvet day, but sometimes you have to force yourself to get up and just do something. Try and do what you can.

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