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Carbon Horror

I work in an environmentally aware business and today I had access to a carbon calculator to see how much CO2 I produce going to work. My round trip each working day is just under 100 miles.  Yes, that’s right, 100 miles. I brought a low mileage car and in one year turned it into a high mileage car. 

The calculator horrified me, according to that my journey to work alone produces 4 to 5 tonnes of CO2 per year.  5 tonnes!  That’s terrible!

Up until sickness and lockdown, I was driving that at least 4 days a week, often 5. It’s an hour each way minimum. An hour of stress. And I didn’t have much choice in that. So add in the fact that I was destroying the planet to do it just makes me feel worse about the commute.

Hopefully, now that the world has proved that we don’t need to be travelling to one destination every day, things might change.  I understand that there’s a real value in face to face communications that can’t be replaced by technology, but you only need to establish that once, reinforce it maybe once a month or as necessary.  If I can persuade the bosses to let me work from home or my local office (4 mile away), four days a week and only go to the main office 1 day a week, I will be a much happier, healthier bunny.  So keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

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