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Today was different, more balanced. Work was fine, I caught up with a few more people today and got my head back in the game a little more.

Come end of the workday, there was no afternoon TV I wanted to watch today, so I did 30 mins of Wii Fit. Then I went back to my desk, got my personal laptop out and wrote a full 2,000 words, I may well add more after I’ve blogged.

I should have been a part of two different on-line groups tonight, but because of picking up my daughter from work, I couldn’t get to the start of either. And I can’t say I’m upset by that.

Love this, but can’t trace the source –
sorry to whoever designed it

Having spent so much time at home, I was keen on doing a lot of on-line stuff, however, now I’m connecting with people all day, I just want to crawl away to hid in the evenings.  It’s odd, but you know – Ew, People!

Hiding is part of how I deal with depression, by pulling away from people. By limiting my exposure to humanity, I can deal with that art of humanity I have to deal with.

Could have done with dealing with less humanity driving past – or rather struggling to drive past – KFC this evening. I have to pass it to pick up my daughter, but cars were queueing in the way of the entrance.  Seriously people – it’s just fried chicken! It’s also supposed to be fast food. If you have to queue for an hour just to get into the drive through, how is that fast food? But form a queue that stops other people getting to other outlets in the retail park is just selfish and stupid. Seriously, I do enjoy a KFC, but show a bit of consideration people.

God help us when McDs opens.

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