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Looking forward

I find myself unfocused at the moment. I’m struggling to do anything much. Still taking my vitamins, managing at least 30 mins activity a day (long walk today) and am eating well.  Though that last isn’t true right this second because I’m eating a Fudge. I’ve been trying to write, but can’t get over a certain bump.

Was listening to Jeremy Vine at lunchtime, as I often do, one topic was what are people looking forward to when we come out of lockdown.  As I listened to what people were saying, I found that I didn’t share any of the things others were looking forward to.

I don’t want to go to:

  • a pub – never been a major fan.
  • a restaurant – I enjoy a meal out, but I’m not missing them and it’ll be a while before I’ll trust to sit in a restaurant, but a drive through I’d do.
  • a sporting event – never have.
  • a concert – only ever been to 15 in total, so not in a hurry to go to no 16.
  • the theatre – well not much, I do rather enjoy a good comedy show, but again not in any hurry to be amongst that many people.

Eventually I figured out the only thing I am looking forward to, and it so fits maintaining social distancing.  I do want to go out in the campervan. To park near the sea, watch the waves. To park on a mountain, listen to the breeze, hell I’d even enjoy listening to the beating rain if I had a decent view, or rather a different view.

I guess we’re all looking forward to different things, and we all have a different point at which we’re prepared to do risk doing those things. 

Wonder what the new ‘normal’ will look like.

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