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Full on

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve struggled through August and into September. The struggle has, to be fair been mostly about time, just had so much on, I’ve had to prioritise stuff and unfortunately blogging fell off the list.

Though August I had a 114k edit, a good book, but that’s a lot to get edited in 4 weeks. Then it was my wedding anniversary (29 years), my daughter’s birthday (23 years old), work in the garden that had to be done because plants work to their schedule and never mind the rest, and there were things in and on the house that needed to be sorted.
Though in fairness, I have to say that the garden (the front garden) looks lovely now, am really proud of it. This year (in case you missed previous posts) we’ve ripped out 22 year old bushes (not a fun or easy job), and covered the beds with chipping to just place out flower pots as they are much easier to maintain. I love the way the garden looks.

Our house is south facing, so we’ve also had a load of work done to replace the facias and guttering, but more importantly, we’ve had a new roller door fitted to the garage. This was actually done on Monday, so only three days ago now, and it’s already proving a boon. To get our vehicles on the drive (well the campervan) that van has to be put very close to the garage door to fit, so the old tilting door couldn’t be opened with the camper in place. Now this one rolls up without going out and we can get things in and out through the garage without having to move stuff – it is amazing how much of a difference that makes! Looks great out there now.

We also finally got a load of pictures back from the framers. One was a reframe because it was an old picture that had been my parents and over the years the frame had decayed, so needed replacement, and the rest were things that we’ve had for ages, but just didn’t have framed. Now they are all back, and they are up on the walls and it’s lovely to get some colour and art up. Am really pleased with how they look.

Though August I really struggled to write anything of my own. Again, it was mostly a time factor, but when I did have a few minutes to sit down and write, I found it a real struggle. So, I stopped trying. Thankfully the first week of September we were away on hols in the campervan, and I had the time and space to stop for a while, and now my writing is flowing again.

It was much the same with reading, really struggled. Now with all the work around the garden/house, I did manage to get through a few audible books – the exact reason why I love audible. My favourite book has to be Denzil Meyrick’s “Whiskey From Small Glasses”. I absolutely loved it. Will put a blog up on my other blog (GB Williams Crime Blog) soon, but I have a rash of blog tours to do my bit for this week – another thing that’s kept me busy.

On the writing front, while I haven’t been writing much, I have been working on blurbs and cover art and trying to get a blog tour organised, so it’s all good, all on-going.

Thankfully the first week of September we were away on hols in the campervan, and I had the time and space to stop for a while, and now my writing is flowing again.

Anyway, am now hoping that normal service will be resumed, whatever the hell ‘normal service’ is.

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Full On

It’s been a full on day. 

A solid 8 hours of the day job, that rather frazzled the brain.  Thankfully the commute home now consists of standing up and three steps.

So since finishing work, I’ve changed beds, sorted the shopping and done two loads, four to finish tomorrow. I’ve cleaned out and rearranged the fridge, and cooked a big dinner. And I’ve managed to squeeze some reading in – a chapter of “The Invisible Man”.

The best news of the day has been that I got a call from the psychiatrists office today.  They confirmed that I am on the list to be seen, but they can’t do the meetings until lockdown is lifted because it’s a face to face thing. But after so long, I am glad to finally have confirmation that I’m on the list.  Again there was a pushing for taking medication, but my experience with medication has not been good, it really did zombify me, but didn’t actually help. 

Still, it’s a step forward, and that’s good.

Now I’m shattered.

So, a good day, successful and productive.  But an early night tonight as I want to get some writing done tomorrow.

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Full On

Today has been rather full on.

Full and heavy day in work, plus getting a lot of washing done, doing the weekly shop and being mum’s taxi – at shorter notice then intended because she got a call from her work saying they wanted her in earlier than the rota said.

And all that after a night when I didn’t get off to sleep quickly because the cat, from her position under the bed was making such weird noises, she kept me awake till gone midnight. Then there was the biggest clap of thunder I’ve heard in ages woke me up – at 02:45! After that the rain came in and the thunder went on, so took a while to get back off. Then I was awake at six even though the alarm didn’t go off till seven. Safe to say there was not a lot of sleep in those hours.

I’ve a list of things I should be doing, this blog included, but this is it for the night, once this is posted, that’s it for me tonight.  Feet up, and early night. Except for the tumble drying to be sorted and the stuff on the line to be brought in.

Yeah, full on day today.

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