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Weird Day

Tried to get some writing done today, as usual that lead to some odd Google searches.  First search was for when was barbed wire invented? Turns out it was 1867 which is great, my book is set in 1875. 

When looking up barbed wire, I saw a link to a gentleman named Gail Borden, and since that’s close to my name (Gail Barden Williams), I thought I’d have a look at him because I’ve never before come across a man with the name Gail (it’s usually Gale for men).  Apparently, he helped plan the cities of Houston and Galveston in 1836 and in 1853 created a process to make sweetened condensed milk. 

The internet can lead you down some weird rabbit holes.

Then this evening I’ve had to google birth dates of Gary Numan and Gary Oldman.  Why? Because a Twitter post pointed out that Gary Numan is 13 days older than Gary Oldman, so I had to check that out.

The rest of the day I was making up chores just so I didn’t write.  I tidied up the corner of my bedroom that’s been a mess since I moved in (20 years ago). I washed down the wall by the bin – it needed doing but didn’t have to be done today. And I put all clothes away, which just goes to show I’ve too many clothes because I can’t get them all in my closet.

Then after a blue-sky morning of getting washing out on the line, we had a sudden and odd thunderstorm so I had to go get everything off the line.  Rain caused flash floods in the area, and thunder rumbled on oddly but we never saw any lightning.

Despite all that, I still managed to write 1600 words, and I’m pleased with that.

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