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Felt a little down today, but this time is was a physical down not a mental one.

My period started again. Painful periods are not new or unique to me, many women suffer the same and worse. Menstrual pain has been a part of my life since I hit puberty.  Sometimes it’s just general discomfort, sometimes I can’t stand straight and at it’s worse, I’m curled up in a ball, hot water bottle on my back, pain killers in my belly and crying. Today’s experience was just a strong discomfort with occasional sharp cramp when I moved. Which is better than it was yesterday, severe discomfort and unwillingness to move.

But today was painful enough to know that it was not the day to do work that would stress my back, meaning I was in no condition to go weed the front garden which was my plan for today.

Instead I sat at my desk, because my desk chair is the most supportive, and I edited. I managed to get through to the end of the novel I started editing yesterday.  That is the one that I printed and ranted about earlier in the week and edited on paper, I finished transferring those edits to the electronic version today.

It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was productive.

All I have to do now is take it from the scenes as I’ve written them into readable chapters.

Oh, and weed the front garden, but both of those are for another day.

Now stay safe and stay well.

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