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Getting Out

After seven days pretty much staying in the house, not wanting to go out, but occasionally having to: food shopping, craft shopping, doctors. I got out today. We’ve had this weekend booked for camping in the Forest of Dean for ages. It’s not tent camping, though we’ve done that many times. We’re in the campervan. Yes, okay so we’re a bit middle class (or more likely upper working class) and we have a campervan.

I’m saying “we” not “I” because I’m with my husband.

To be fair, he offered to stay at home if I wasn’t up to it.  And I wasn’t sure I was. But sitting on the couch in the house doing nothing is not helping me. So, we came away.

It is nice to be somewhere else, a different view out the window. Though as I write this it’s 18:46, and it’s pitch black outside, so no view at all.  I’m also totally without internet connection, so it this gets out today, that means we went up to the campsite’s bar to get onto their WiFi.

We went up for lunch, and there were too many people, I felt quite uncomfortable. When I say there were too many people, I should specify that the place was more like 25% full, but when you’re struggling to cope with your own company, that’s a crowd.

My thing for today, that I haven’t done in ages, was read a physical book. I’ve been all audiobooks of late, but I need to get out of my own head and read something.  The book I picked was “we are never meeting in real life” by Samantha Irby. Have read only one chapter, but it’s made me smile and I need more of that.

General feeling today: unsteady, tears just too close at times.

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