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Good Reading

Writers need to be readers, and I do enjoy a good read.

Last year I got through 48 books.  These included the very long (584 pages), the very short (67 pages), graphic novels and audible books.  I know some people get sniffy that listening to books doesn’t count, but that doesn’t mean I know any less about the book because I listened instead of read, I still count them. Equally some people get sniffy about graphic novels being included, well those people can count what they want, I’ll count what I want.  And I know I’m getting the better part of the bargain because graphic novels are a real artform in themselves.

When setting my goal for this year because I don’t have the commute and I’m a slow physical reader, I decided that I’d cut my Goodreads goal down to 24. That’s two books a month, which for years has been a real trial while working full time and writing.

So far this year, and January isn’t even over yet, I’ve read six books. And I started on number seven this morning. This has been achieved because I have those two hours a day back. And because I’ve been deliberately selecting books I really, really wanted to read. Even the one I struggled with a bit, I did want to read.  The graphic novel is in there because I wanted to read it before the vaguely related show came out on TV.

I don’t think that this will set a precedent and I’ll read quite so much every month over the coming year, but I have enjoyed what I’ve read. Also I intend to read the Iliad this year, so I’m expecting that to slow me down considerably.

If you want to know what I’m up to reading wise, you’ll find me as Goodreads – Gail B Williams

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So what’s ahead for this new lockdown – sorry I mean year.

Well, hopefully this year will continue for me as the old one ended. Good health, enjoying my editing work, enjoying writing, and generally keeping going.

More specific goals for this year are:

  • moving up the grades within the CIEP
  • not buying any clothes for the next 10 months (already 2 months into a year of not doing that)
  • get at least 2 more novels completed
  • lose weight
  • gain fitness

There are other minor goals, but those are the biggies that I’m sharing. It’s not much, but I’m not going to set unrealistic goals because they just depress me when I don’t achieve them.

So, not resolutions, just goals.

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