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Today’s excitement is brought to you curtesy of cat kind.

As it’s a lovely balmy evening, doors were left open. You may have noticed from past posts that Ozzie is getting cheeking with the walking in and scoffing our cats chow.

Well he did it again today. He came in the back, while Pearly (my cat) came in the front.

Pearly was not happy to discover that she had a dinner guest.

Not happy at all.

There was hissing and screeching from Pearly and Ozzie gave out the lowest growl I have ever heard from a cat. It sounded like it came from the beast from the deep.

I had to separate the pair, not easy. When I went to get Ozzie out, the picture attached is what I saw. He was not moving, Pearly was still hissing and when he saw me trying to get him out, I got growled at too. 

Closing the kitchen to sitting room door seemed a smart move, I didn’t want this dragging through the house.  And that’s when I took the photo to be honest.  The only way I could reach Ozzie meant standing in the way of his exist. Not a great idea.

So I fetched the broom. Now I know cats, and love them, wouldn’t hurt one. Very careful I put the broom under the table and knock it against the chair not the cat. That spooked Ozzie enough to run out to the conservatory, where Pearly had decided to lurk. I shooed her off, and she ran back into the kitchen, but I had to hold the broom in just the right places to get Ozzie out the back door, he seemed strangely reluctant to leave. But he finally did the sensible thing.

Herding cats really is as difficult as the saying suggests.

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