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Visited vampires today.

Okay, I only went for blood test, part of on-going anaemia monitoring. I take the iron tablets daily, but only one not the three I started on.

I’m talking about this not because of the event, but the lead-up. The letter telling me it was bloodletting time again, arrived last Thursday.  It said because of Covid19, they’ve changed location on the blood test clinic. But the letter I got from the doctors surgery telling me where to go said “Entry is via the old Main Entrance”.

Think about that for a second.

The OLD main entrance.

You might not get this, but it exemplifies just how stupid intelligent people can be.  It’s the kind of thoughtless that drives me nuts. 

Let me explain, I know where the NEW main entrance is, because it’s the one I’ve had to use every time I’ve gone to that particular hospital, it’s been being extended for the last 10 plus years, the new entrance opened over 5 years ago. Despite living in the area 20 plus years, I haven’t used that hospital often, at least not until recently. Consequently, I had no idea where the old main entrance might be.  With the other hospital in the city, I know where stuff is because that’s where I had to go for various specialist units – the eye unit for the kids – emergency ward for son’s appendicitis – Obstetrics/Gynaecology for me.

But that’s not the hospital I went to today.

I had to ask directions. Turns out the old main entrance is now hidden between new buildings. Without asking, no way I would have found it.

All the staff were brilliant, everything well arranged, all PPE on staff, it was efficient and friendly, and as the nurse who took my blood said, “It’s the new normal.”

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