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A bit better day today.  Had a bit of a lie in, got up about half nine, which is at least and hour and a half too late.

But I got properly dressed, I took my supplements, and I got a few things done. This included finishing an edit – that is a good book.  And I managed to have some discussions that I needed to sort this week, writing related not work related. 

It was a beautiful day outside so I spent a little time in the garden (in the shade to avoid any more sunburn, and I did some further work on the plot for the next book in the steampunk series and even wrote a few pages. A few actual pages that in, as in in a notebook written with a pen. Haven’t done that for a while.

Even got some pottering in the garden done. We have a hydrangea bush in the back garden that I didn’t cut back last year (I’m not a great gardener). So I cut back the dead heads and that’s revealed just how good and green the new leaves are looking.  Will look brilliant when the flowers kick in.  Must make sure I prune it after flowers this year.

Have been beating myself up again because of my weight, I really need to diet and exercise more, but seem to be missing the drive for it. This is the stuff that I have to stop, it’s so self-destructive. I hate myself for being fat, I get too down to exercise, I eat and get fatter. A true downward spiral.  Maybe tomorrow I can do something about that. Hopefully.

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