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Gift Idea for the Writer in Your Life

JFE Gift Vouchers xmas 2017 (1)As a writer, I know how expensive it is to get a novel properly edited.  I also know that there is no shortcut to the hard work that has to go into producing a publishable document.  So when I was contacted by Jefferson Franklin Editing (JFE) and told they were now offering Gift Vouchers, I knew it was a fabulous idea.

So for anyone stuck for something to a buy a writer, this might just prove to be an inspiration.  Here’s what JFE told to me.

Anyone interested should email admin@jefferson-franklin.co.uk to discuss what they need. JFE are currently updating their website for the purchase of gift vouchers, however, this is not yet up and running yet. So they send a pay-pal invoice or provide bank details for a direct payment; the purchaser would provide them with details of where the voucher is to be sent and they will mail it according to the buyer’s instructions.

Gift vouchers purchased prior to midnight, Christmas Eve will receive a 10% bump in face value in appreciation of the support for Jefferson Franklin as well as for the benefit of the recipient.

So, anyone interested, email me at admin@jefferson-franklin.co.uk and I will dialogue directly with them for more details.

I was lucky enough to be given one of these and it’s helping with payment for my next edit (book 3 of the Locked Series – Locked Down).

Of course, if you’re just looking for a stocking filler, I can point you in the direction of a few good books, just click here….

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Fiction Flashes

Another month gone by in a flash!

I’ve been quite quiet on social media and blogging through June because I have been absolutely up to my eyeballs with stuff – more over stuff I wasn’t expecting to have to do.

If you’ve read previous blogs, you will have seen that I said I had a contract for my steam punk novel – well I had a verbal contract but we all know that they aren’t worth the paper they’re not printed on, right?  Well, finally I got the real contract through.  While there was nothing actually wrong with the contract – the publisher had been fair and clear in all the clauses, but there was a tie in factor I was a long way short of being comfortable with, and a get out clause that was unnecessarily punitive.  When I saw everything set out in black and white I saw that actually it wasn’t the contract for me.

So after a sleepless night, because I didn’t want to let the publisher down (she’s a lovely lady and I’d be happy to contribute more short stories to their anthologies), I knew I had to do something I never thought I would – I refused a publishing contract. This was even weirder and riskier than when I broke with my agent.  I hated doing it – really did – but my gut was telling me that it was the right way to go and sometimes you just have to listen to the gut.

The result of which is that I am now going to self-publish Shades of Aether.  <<Bites nails to the quick with nerves>>  Luckily all the hard work was already done, structural and line edits, only the proofreading to go.

So June has been a whirlwind of finding a proofreader – thankfully Jefferson Franklin Editing made room for me – by bumping another job I had booked with them.  Then there’s the cover to think about – luckily another friend of my is a publisher (very different genre so she wouldn’t publish a steampunk book) and she gave me recommendation of a cover design company she uses.  Got in touch with them – explained what had happened and why I needed a quick turn around – and they said – we’re on holiday for two weeks so not sure, what’s your design brief?  Luckily I had one, we exchanged a few emails and they’ve stepped up to the plate with an agreement to get me draft design by end of July which should just about give me time to get it all set up for a decent print run in time to take copies to The Asylum – the Lincoln steampunk convention – not medical institution!

So – phew!

Then there’s my debut crime novel to think about – more on that later

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