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A Month

Since being starting this blog, I have been taking vitamin supplements every day (though not as much of the Brewers Yeast as I should), and I am feeling better.  I’ve noticed a number of physical changes too.

Firstly, my skin has improved. I’ve been having lumps like acne, but not acne, all over my face, but that’s cleared up a lot, still there, but getting better.  Also my skin is actually less dry than it used to be too, mostly because I’m drinking a lot of water every day.

I’m not getting half of the headaches that I used to get.  Nor half the dry aching eyes. Yes, I’ve been in the computer less for the first couple of weeks, but that changed a few days ago because I need to get book four written.  So, I’ve been working it like I was a full-time writer. Getting up in the mornings and going to my desk and working seven hours (breaks allowed), but it’s been easier on my eyes. More natural light and no air conditioning.  Also having two hours less having to watch and concentrate on the road is helping a lot.

Finally, one bit of good news, after 30 days straight, my period is over! I was warned because of the medication I was on that long bleeding might happen, but I’m just glad it’s over.

The point is, I’m feeling a lot more positive now, and I’m reasonably sure that taking the supplements is working for me.

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