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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, the third Monday of January is the glummest day of the year due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, dark days, gloomy weather and the arrival of the dreaded credit-card bills. I suspect that those trying to follow Dry January or Veganuary aren’t helping themselves to a certain extent, self-denial often makes one feel worst.  Though alcohol is a depressant, so should be avoided, and I like steak too much to comment on Veganuary.

However, we can all try to make this a less depressing day.  Thinking about or doing stuff for others often helps, and though you can’t exactly go round and have a cuppa with your neighbour, you might be able to call them and check they’re okay, have a chat, make sure they aren’t feeling too alone, and in the process ensure that you aren’t feeling too alone either.

Mental health affects us all, I openly admit to suffering depression, it makes life hard sometimes, and I know how lucky I am to have a loving and supportive family. The things that make me feel better, are, usually, simply, and freely, conversations. I like hearing good news from others. If the others don’t have good news, then I’ll listen to that and sympathise, or help if I’m in a position to, even join in the slag-fest if that’s where the conversation goes.  I’ll encourage where I can. I’ll use a shoulder when all I can do is cry.

The point I suppose is even when we are blue, we don’t have to paint the town red, we just have to share a moment with the people around us. A wave across the street. A note on social media. A chat on the phone or a message/text. So reach out, you are not alone, please don’t be lonely.

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Not been sleeping again.  Got about three hours last night and that was broken. 

Consequently, today hasn’t been great. I’m shattered and feeling off colour.  Had a sneezing fit this morning which was a worry until I discovered that today was a high pollen alert, especially for trees, and it is tree pollen I’m allergic to.  An antihistamine sorted the problem out.

Went out for a bit of a walk today, saw a neighbour hadn’t seen for months, spoke over her garden wall, so at least 2 meters away.  But also found out she’s having a little trouble getting food delivery slots (something I’m sure lots of people are experiencing). I took her phone number so that when I next go shopping I can pick any odd bits up for her.

Editing hasn’t gone well today, because I couldn’t concentrate. I put it aside and decided not to beat myself up about it. Had some good news from my crime publisher, they’re going to release some of my books in American in June.

Also managed to catch up with a mate of mine who I haven’t really spoken to for a while, he’s made a job change and it’s working out well. Am pleased for him, and a bit jealous.

I have been signed off for another 4 weeks, which hopefully will help me get back on track, but I feel at a bit lose at the moment, but things will improve.

Did do the paella today, and the family wolfed it down.  Daughter’s cooking tomorrow, hubby the day after. Hubby on nights, daughter and I have been watching “Alien” because she’d never seen it before (age 21).

Am very tired, so once this is posted, I’m off to bed (have taken a sleep aid, which should help).

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