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Been a meh day here.  Can’t seem to propel myself into anything. I feel I should be doing something more active to help myself, but just can’t seem to find the oomph to do anything.

I’ve kept hydrated, I’ve taken the multivitamins, and done little else. Even getting the laptop out to do this felt like a major undertaking.  

I’m a writer, crime or steampunk depending on what I’m doing. But I’ve always written, always made up stories. Right now, I can’t. Can’t even face editing a script I know I need to work on for production later this year. This is doubtless part and parcel of the depression, the lethargy and lack of motivation, but it’s odd. For me not to have any interest in writing is odd. Oh I have times of not writing because I can’t come up with anything decent, but this isn’t that. This is not caring to write, not really had that before. Not really liking it.

Well that’s, about all I’ve got to say tonight. Will blog again tomorrow.

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