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Getting Longer

Yesterday I talked about the nerve wracking experience of submitting to a competition – which by the way I did a few minutes ago. Normally for me nerve wracking means nail biting – literally. I bite my nails.

Or more correctly – I used to bite my nails.

I have no idea at what point I finally stopped biting my nails, but I do seem to have, I have ten actual nails now. Nails that extend beyond the nail bed. See:

Still got ugly hands, but the nails look great. I’m using OPI Nail Envy to help, just in case anyone was wondering.

Now I am not here as a beauty blogger, there are plenty of them around, so I’m not going there.

I’m writing this becuase of what it indicates.

I’ve been biting my nails all my life. I bite for bordom, stress, nervousness, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, basically, any time for any reason. And now I’ve stopped. I can’t tell you when, just that I did, but this is what calm and contentment can do for you.

I’m happy with it. And hopefully I can keep that up because right now it’s not only the one competition entry that I’m nervous about, but an agent submission that I’m waiting to hear about. Keep your fingers crossed for success on all fronts (and your nails unbitten too).

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Nailed It

For the first time ever I have real finger nails. Well I have nine of them because I broke one a few days ago. I’ve been a nail bitter my whole life, but in the last ten weeks, through a mix of depression lethargy and reduction of stress, I’ve actually stopped nail biting.

It’s not much of an achievement, but it matters to me, once the split nail catches up a bit, I’m even going to paint them.  I love having long painted nails, and have often put on false nails and painted them. So to have my nails in fairly good condition is important to me.

I’m using OPI Nail Envy to strengthen and condition them, so hopefully the weak and breakable will become strong and resilient. And I’m loving the way that having nails makes my hands look.

There’s only one thing about having nails that I’m not loving.  I’m so used to the flatter keyboards and having my fingers flattish too, that now I have nails I’m finding that I’m frequently hitting the key on the row above the one I’m going for. Now I’ve never been the best of typist, but now I’m getting extra terrible by the thing I am actually proud off. 

Really all I need to do is learn to type with curled fingers rather than straight ones. But that’s another habit I’m going to have to break.

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