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Busy Day

It’s been from the sublime to the ridiculous today.  Yesterday I was so shattered I couldn’t do anything, today I am shattered because I haven’t stopped.  So far today I have:

  • Transplanted plants from the front garden to pots (13 pots, I hope the transfers are luckier than that number.
  • Done 2 9kg loads of washing.
  • Hung all the washing on the line.
  • Painted the front fence – it’s 6 foot tall it was thirsty for paint (yes lots of gardening being done at the moment.
  • Cooked a fish pie (which I’m looking forward to eating because it’s in the oven right now and smells wonderful!)
  • Been a taxi service for my daughter.
  • Written 6 marketing paragraphs.
  • Posted a blog and stuck that on social media.
  • And now I’m writing this blog.

Apparently, the post-vaccine exhaustion has left me, though I have every intention of doing little more today.  After dinner I am going to have a long soak in a hot bath and then put my feet up with a book for the evening.  There doesn’t appear to be much on TV, so I may binge some more of “Shakespeare and Hathaway”.

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Everything hurts

The day started well, laying in bed, Pearly the cat comes in, makes the weirdest sound, then starts hawking up. My hubby rushed up, Pearly ran down, but he just couldn’t get the front door open before the cat threw up in the hallway.  So that was a great start to the day.

From there, we got up and started decorating. I lost count of the number of times I was up and down the stairs taking books off the case and putting them out the way. Then the skirting, banisters, door frames, radiators and even the walls in places all got sugar-soaped clean. Then there was the sanding, filling, and taking down of the bookcase that was screwed to the wall. 

Then the glossing started.  I started with the bookcase, hubby started with the skirting and door frames upstairs.  The bookcase didn’t take as look as I was expecting, even though it’s a full floor to ceiling bookcase.  Glossing with a roller made it much easier.

Then I went to see where hubby was with the upstairs, and since he was still working his way around the landing, I started on the banisters – wow was that tricky.  We ended up meeting the brushes in the hallway. The phrase “urgh hair!” was repeated rather more often that you’d want, but still, it all got done and it looks much better and fresher for what we’ve got done.  Oddly, while I got gloss everything, I somehow managed not to get any in my hair – despite the amount of my hair that seemed to get into the gloss. 😊

Ceilings and walls tomorrow.

Now, we’ve stopped though – everything hurts. Arms, shoulders, back, legs, can feel it all. And more to finish tomorrow, so now’s for relaxing.

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