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I like cooking. Well I like eating, so why wouldn’t I?

Thing is my hubby works shifts and I work a long way from home, usually he cooks for when I get in, that works if he’s on nights (leaves at 6pm) or off. If he’s on days (arrives at 8pm) I cook. 

Since I’m off, I’ve been doing more cooking, which is great. I’ve been menu planning, buying to needs and wasted next to nothing – except a bag of basa filets which I accidently left out when getting something else out to thaw. Mind those weren’t wasted, I cooked them, our cat had some, the rest went into the backgarden and the local wildlife had it away before morning. Local wildlife is currently Ozzie, Collarless, Ginge. Then there’s the birds.  A wood pigeon was in the front garden this morning – one so big, the cat thought twice about going out.  There are gulls, magpies, others, starlings that do murmurations so close to the house I’m worried, never mind the cat.

Anyway, back to cooking. 

I feel like I’ve peeled potatoes ever day for the last week. Yesterday I while peeling and took a big chunk off my nail. I’m a nail biter, but not so much while under less stress, so my nails have grown a couple of mm. Not that one, not now. Still at least it was a painless nail cut, not my flesh. By the way it was left hanging, didn’t get into the food.

Frankly, I’ve got to the point that if I have to peel one more bloody potato this week I am going to scream.  

Paella tomorrow. 

Oh, my hubby says he misses cooking, so he’s on kitchen duty from Wednesday.

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