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Sleep is something that often eludes me. I consider myself lucky if I get a full six hours a night.  But not this weekend.

I had my covid jab on Friday, Friday I was okay, felt like I’d been kicked in the arm because it was so painful, but I wasn’t ill, until Saturday.  Saturday I was just wiped out.  I got up late, couldn’t concentrate, only managed to read half a chapter of the book I’m reading. In the end I went to bed early – half six in the evening early.

Never have I ever felt so wiped out.

This morning I got up late, I decided I had to go and get a bit of work done in the garden. I spent an hour and a half pottering (pulling out ivy and bagging it up) and then I was exhausted.  So I came in, put the roast on, then had to sit down for an hour. 

As I write this, it is half seven and I’m pretty much ready to go to bed and sleep another fifteen hours. But I’ve stuff to do, so I’d best get on.

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Today I took the tablets, did some ironing, acted the taxi, cooked a meal, was cat slave at the back door for our mog and generally kept myself busy today.

Did go out for a nice walk.  One of the old paths I remember being a bit grotty and muddy to walk through, has been properly surfaced. It made it a very pleasant walk.  A lot of old scrub has been torn down too, and now you can see into some fantastic back gardens.

I know that it’s terrible to be nosy, but be honest, who doesn’t look when they can? Some of those gardens are just lovely – really beautiful.  And a lot of them are longer than they look from the front of the houses.  Rather jealous in a couple of cases. I may have been pottering with bedding plants and the like, but I’m not a good gardener.  More a minimum doer because I have to.

The walk was a good hour though, and at a reasonable pace (for someone who vaguely remembers exercise).  At least I got up the hill without collapsing, that’s a bonus.  Though I have to say my legs are rather achy tonight, in a good way.

Recent attempts at getting back into exercise fell at the hurdle of technology.  I know I must do better, or as a friend of my told me on messenger – grab it by the throat and get on with it. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight I’m having a glass of wine (only one), then going to bed.

Also, had some bad news today. An anthology I was a part of has been dropped by the publisher. Shame, I really liked that story. So much so, it may become a new stand alone novel or at least a novella.

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