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Never mind the Moon, it’s been Catday today.

While editing today, I’ve seen all the usual subjects. My hubby and I have been discussing if Ginge is male or female, today I got the answer.  Ginge jumped over the 6 foot fence from the front to the back garden and spotted me in the conservatory. Clearly he figured out that I was ‘safely’ behind a closed door, and I was treated to a far too clear view of his bits – that is definitely a boy cat.

Shortly after, Ozzie appeared (see photo) he sat there for ages, the freak out bit was that shortly after, he started staring to the right of this picture. The reason that this is freaky is because there is NOTHING in that area except the corner of the brick work between the conservatory and house. But Ozzie was staring at it for minutes on end. I tapped the window at one point and he give me a quick glare before going back to glaring at the corner. Weird.

Eventually Ozzie got bored and wondered off, which was when I heard hissing. I turned around and saw two black cats, Ozzie and Collarless standing on the top of our back fence (another 6 foot fence) they were facing off, backs arched, tails fluffed. No idea how long they stayed there, I didn’t bother watching, but I also didn’t hear much in the way of hissing.

In fact, the only cat I didn’t see much of today, was mine, which I just found out was because she’s been upstairs sleeping all day.

Have kept up the multivitamins and done a load of chores today as well as editing – washing, cooking, ironing, changing the beds, taxiing my daughter to and from work. All in all a productive day.

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