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Questions come up every hour of every day, and a week ago, my hubby found a fifty questions of pick A or B.  What was really interesting was the ones on which our daughter and I picked both the same thing and the different. 

Because we had a laugh with that, it led to a discussion of music and it surprised us all how much stuff our daughter recognised from our generation of music. That then led to a challenge for all set a quiz for each other on topics we know.

The topics we picked were Photographers and Comic Strip artists (my hubby), Films and Animations (our daughter) and Book Lines and Comic book characters (me). Each topic had ten questions leading to forty questions for each to answer.  Impressively, I got 19, daughter 16 and hubby 13. 

The weird thing was we all thought the questions tat we set would easy – but as you can see from the scores, that was not the case.  It’s amazing that when you do know about a topic, you assume everyone knows that topic, and it’s stunning that they don’t.  Especially when you all live in the same house and talk about each others interests. 

So we’ve decided that next week we’re going to do another quiz. I’ve got book covers, I’ll either take out the title or the author depending on the book, the second topic is doing famous cars.  Daughter’s doing Villains and Sitcoms. Hubby is doing Landmarks and Album Covers.  So that should be interesting.

The point is that as much as we know and share, there’s so much that we have individual taste and exposure to. Its really fun to share and talk about what we like that the others don’t know. 

Something more to share.

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