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Today has not been the best. I am so sick of the selfishiness of the general population.  The First Ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all said that lockdown is to continue for another three weeks, and that idiot Prime Minister of England loosens everything, leading to confusion and to the stupid breaking lockdown for the rest of us. Never mind that over 30,000 people have died in the first wave and that the second wave is bound to be worse.

Since I’ve only been out of the house to go to Tesco for the last week, went for a walk with my hubby today.  Usual route, not too many people out.  Most – but not all – giving space.   Got home and sat down, then dozed on the sofa.  It’s not like me to have an afternoon nap, which is a stupid move because it tends to mean that I won’t sleep tonight, but there again I have been awake since four this morning. 

I didn’t want to be, I just was, and I got up with a sore throat. My sinuses filled with hay fever, and the only eye has been running all day.  Luckily, I recognise that this is hay fever nothing more serious.  I did take the vitamins, (and eventually an antihistamine), got dressed, and sat down to write. I’ve managed 2k words today, which is a good achievement.

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