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Today has been a good day, not terribly productive, but good.

Since the weather was so nice, I actually got around to sitting out in the garden.  It was lovely. I did some editing, I listened to some music, I message chatted with a mate about writing and I attended my first Zoom meeting – with a load of writers.

My cat may have forgiven me for putting Spot On on her.  She hates when I do that, doesn’t understand it’s for her benefit as much as mine.  For the last two days she’s been avoiding me, even refusing to come in the house if I’m too close to the open door. However, when I was outside in the sun, she was there demanding attention, strokes and belly rubs.

I also cooked a fabulous roast lamb dinner – meat virtually fell off the bone it was that tender. I do enjoy a gravy dinner.

Talking of cooking and tender, I forgot the sunscreen. Now my have two shinny hot and itchy shins.  Long sleeves saved my arms, a wide brimmed hat and glasses saved my face.  Nothing below the knee though, except now a far amount of sun burn and pain.  Still, it was a good day.

And no, I don’t like having my photo taken – not even by me.

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