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On the Up

Just to let you now, after my little grumble yesterday, my mood is on the up today.  Part of the reason for this is without a doubt, just the erratic alteration of hormones. That said. Other things had a definite uplifting affect. 

This first may seem like a odd thing to feel good about, but it brightened my day.  I work in the conservatory and it’s usually very cold, but I went in to start work around 08:30.  What was lovely, what pleased me was that I didn’t actually have to put the heater on. Small thing, but not having to spend on heating is a good thing to my mind.

Once I settled into work, I saw that at far-too-early-o’clock I had received a message asking if I was free for an editing commission later in the year – I am, and getting work always pleases me.  If you’re looking for a structural edit this year, contact me for a quote (see gailbwilliams.co.uk).

Later this morning, I saw a friend had posted a very nice note about my writing, my books both in crime and steampunk.  Added to that, other people, most of whom I don’t know, piled in with other compliments on my writing. Apparently, I’m still a little over sensitive today, as those touching thoughts brought tears to my eyes.

Then, I made a phone call to a local gardener.  I wasn’t expecting much as we’ve recently had trouble getting tradesmen to the house. However, not only did he turn up when he said he would, he gave us a good price and he started the job straight away.  Not only that – he finished it!

I also managed to get a load of tidying up done, which is always good for my mental health.

So this just goes to show that no matter how dark one day might feel, there’ll be light in tomorrow.

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Today has been a lot of chores. In all honesty I did have a bit of a lie in, didn’t get up until 9. But since then I’ve barely stopped.

My daughter wants to be able to use the front small bedroom as an alternative sitting room because it means that she won’t spend all day every day in her bedroom. It may only be going to the room next door but it is better than just sitting in bed all day.  So this  morning, we decided to tidy it up again. It was largely just rationalizing some of the boxes as there wasn’t that much of a mess, it was just that what was there was in so many different boxes that it was taking up too much room.  We managed to uncover a lot of floor and it looks much better.

After that it was mum’s taxi to take said daughter to work and the joy that is going and doing the weekly supermarket shop. I got home put everything away, and I did manage to find time for a bath and hair wash for myself and to dress in nice clothes rather than just joggers and a sweatshirt. Once that was done, and feeling human again, I sat down at my desk and tried to get some writing done.

It simply wasn’t happening for me today. I managed 300 words in an hour. Now to be fair 300 words is still an achievement, but it felt like pulling teeth.  Seems that writing isn’t for me the last couple of days.  These things happen. I’m not going to push myself, I’ll do this blog, then I’m putting the laptop away for the night for a relax.  Hope any readers get some relaxation in too.

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