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Reluctantly went for a walk today, only down to get milk and a few bits, but it was a walk, good to get out and exercise and all that.

Naturally we weren’t the only ones out, saw 10 other people in total while out.  The thing is, I live at the top of a hill, so by the time I was walking back, I was struggling for breath, and because I get hayfever, I was sneezing a little.

I do what I can to maintain the 2m distance, as I got to the top of the hill, I could see a dog walker and a couple out for a walk, the path there is about 1.5 meters, but there’s more grass than that towards the road.  So I went on the grass to ensure that they all had enough room.  Problem was I was wheezing and sniffing and generally looking less than well. 

The looks I got off the dog walker and the women of the couple were like I was a leaper! They might as well have pointed and scream “unclean!”

I wanted to say, “I’m not contagious – just really unfit.” Only I didn’t have the breath!

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