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Today was different, more balanced. Work was fine, I caught up with a few more people today and got my head back in the game a little more.

Come end of the workday, there was no afternoon TV I wanted to watch today, so I did 30 mins of Wii Fit. Then I went back to my desk, got my personal laptop out and wrote a full 2,000 words, I may well add more after I’ve blogged.

I should have been a part of two different on-line groups tonight, but because of picking up my daughter from work, I couldn’t get to the start of either. And I can’t say I’m upset by that.

Love this, but can’t trace the source –
sorry to whoever designed it

Having spent so much time at home, I was keen on doing a lot of on-line stuff, however, now I’m connecting with people all day, I just want to crawl away to hid in the evenings.  It’s odd, but you know – Ew, People!

Hiding is part of how I deal with depression, by pulling away from people. By limiting my exposure to humanity, I can deal with that art of humanity I have to deal with.

Could have done with dealing with less humanity driving past – or rather struggling to drive past – KFC this evening. I have to pass it to pick up my daughter, but cars were queueing in the way of the entrance.  Seriously people – it’s just fried chicken! It’s also supposed to be fast food. If you have to queue for an hour just to get into the drive through, how is that fast food? But form a queue that stops other people getting to other outlets in the retail park is just selfish and stupid. Seriously, I do enjoy a KFC, but show a bit of consideration people.

God help us when McDs opens.

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Today started at 7am, I did 30mins WiiFit, and a basket full of ironing. After getting the scales working yesterday, I decided to make the eclairs I’ve been promising. 

Not unusually for me, this did not go without issues.  I made the choux pastry more easily than expected, where I usually them spoon the pastry out to make buns, this time I piped out eclairs. They cooked well, actually they cooked quicker than expected and came out darker than normal.

After they’d cool, I melted chocolate for the top in a glass banana-spilt bowl. I selected that as being best for dunking. I took the bowl out of the microwave, stirred the chocolate, it still had lumps, so I went to put the bowl back in the microwave – and dropped the whole lot on the floor!

Melted chocolate is not easy or fun to cleaned up. I was wearing my favourite comfortable Merrells, and they got covered.  Most came off, but the stains look really bad. So those shoes which I used to wear out often enough, have become for indoors only.

After that, I had to go for a walk, I needed more chocolate.  Hubby and I took our usual 3.5km route, popped into a local shop, and once home, I finished the eclairs. Woohoo! Okay, they don’t look good, but they taste fantastic.

On the walk though, something annoyed me that I’ve spotted before but not mentioned. There is an increasing amount of dog mess on the streets. It’s like (some) dog walkers have decided if there’s no one around to see they don’t clean up after their pouches, they don’t bother. It’s disgusting. If your dog made a mess, you clean it up, non-dog owners shouldn’t have to put up with that muck on the pavements.

Rant over.

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I got up to exercise this morning. Didn’t go well.

At 09:06, I put the Wii on, only my Wii died and the one set up in it’s place is my daughter’s (she brought it back after uni), consequently I had to create a new Mii, which was really annoying because apparently I can’t hold a controller steady so typing my name – all four letters – took ages.  Anyway, sorted that out, and went onto “Wii Fit”. The balance board wouldn’t connect. I changed to what batteries I could find, a mixed bunch, that got the board powered, but still the board wouldn’t connect. 

Instead, I decided to try “My Fitness Coach”.  Again, my daughter’s Wii, so I had to set up a new profile. Unsteady hand issues again, and more irritating, that system wants loads of starting stats, and a base fitness test that it can measure against. 

All I wanted was to do a quick workout! 

Anyway, I stated filling the details in, even went to find a tape measure for various measurements, and a calculator to figure out was 15.5 stone is in pounds. After about 20 minutes of that I gave up. It’s hard enough to get myself up to exercise this just thwarted that attempt.

I turned the DVD player on, to do the DVD as yesterday. Only the Samsung DVD player wouldn’t link to the Samsung TV or the Samsung sound bar.  This happens, I just have to turn all three are off and then turn on the DVD player and it automatically sets up the other two. Didn’t work first time, nor fifth.  I gave up at 09:56.

Instead I dusted shelves, parboiled potatoes for sautéed

potatoes, and put bedding plants in pots to brighten the back garden.

At least it was activity.

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