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I learnt a new word today, thanks to Twitter and Suzi Dent.

Word of the day is ‘uhtceare’ [uht-kay-ara, the ‘h’ as in the German ‘ach’]: Old English for ‘sorrow before dawn’, when you lie awake in the darkness and worry.

This is a word that should never have fallen into disuse, it is so apt for so many times in my life, so I am sure that I can’t be the only one that feels like that.  The fact that there is a word for this in the English language reassures me of two things. Firstly, that English is a wonderful and powerful language. Secondly, that this feeling must be so common to have been named.

The second of these points is what gives me hope, because if this is so common, then where I lay sorrowful before dawn, then I’ll know I can’t be the only one in the world feeling that way. That means I’m not alone in the feeling which will help me feel less sorrowful.

This is a lovely word for a common feeling. Let’s see if we can bring this word back into use.

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