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Working from home is the dream for lots of people, certainly for me, but only because I want to be a full-time writer.  However, as many are discovering during this pandemic, working from home isn’t as easy you think.

Honestly, I prefer it, but have one issue – I haven’t worked out the best place to work yet. 

I tried the conservatory because that’s where I write, where my desk is. Most of my writing is done of an afternoon/evening, when I start work at 8am, the sun flows directly in. That sounds great, but means it’s too bright and I got a lot of headaches working there all day. I also found that the work-work impression now on the place has hampered my creativity, which isn’t good.

This week I’ve been working in the spare bedroom, but too small for a proper desk, so I’ve been using two overchair/laptop tables, as they are single-leg support they aren’t the safest for computer equipment – they wobble! Also, it means sitting on a bed.  I have a bad back and trust me, that’s not comfortable for all day working.

So, I’ve brought a console table for laptop and monitor and I’m going to rearrange the cushions to see if I can make it more comfortable. 

Hubby suggested I work in the campervan, after all it has an electrical supply and privicy, only that’s our leisure space. I love writing in the van, I don’t want to ‘infect’ it with the day job. 

This weekend I’m going to try making curtains for the conservatory, that may allow me to work in there again, then I can write in the living room without headaches or backache of an evening. 

I will find a working location, it may just take a few attempts.

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