The Short, The Heard and The Words

I swear it was only May last time I looked, now it’s July, so come on, who stole June?

Through May I was manic with events: Llandeilo, Newcastle and Crimefest, but June has just disappeared.

June was supposed to be a rest and relax month, which it has and hasn’t been. I was away from home for two weeks of the month.  The first week I was away, we were off in our new campervan – which was fabulous! Can’t wait to do more of that.

We were in West Wales, so internet was patchy and we were so busy doing stuff I didn’t have much time for writing.  I did some, but a holiday is supposed to be a holiday from all the usual things. Though I have to say, some of the visits were to places that will be appearing in my next novel. Came back from that feeling human again.  The second week was actually me going away on my own for a training course – day-job related.  It was intense and valuable and was been the kick in the pants I needed to get my head on straight for the day-job again.

But somehow within all of that I have managed to;

  • write a ‘short’ story – max word count of 8K, mine is 11K, so some editing to do there;
  • get invited to write an audio play – that’s still at the earliest stages so I’ll keep the rest to myself for a minute – it’s a 2019 project so you’ll hear more then;
  • start my latest crime novel;
  • do some polishing on an existing novel;
  • finish the edit on my second steampunk book, Echoes of Aether.

I’m quite happy about that.

Echoes of Aether is the next adventure in the life of Miss Amethyst Forester as she navigates the fortunes and misfortunes of Victorian London high society and the perils of politics which would destabilise that world as she’s coming to know it.

I’ll reveal the amazing cover art from Deranged Doctor Designs on July 12th.

cover reveal 01

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