Home Coming

Woke up to a very wet world this morning, though in honesty the wind and the rain woke me several times in the night.  It was one of those days when you wake up on a campsite and think, thank god we’ve got a van and not a tent. I’ve had enough times of packing down a soaked tent and then struggling to get it dried – trust me a moldy tent is not a thing of pleasure.

We were going to stop in Tintern Abbey on the way home, but it’s closed because of all the flooding around here.

What that meant is that we got home earlier than expected, and it was lovely to come in and be home.

Then of course, we had to go out for food shopping. Can’t ignore the fact that the Coronavirus is having an affect out there. I’ve never seen shelves so bare in Tesco.  We were going to have spaghetti carbonara, but didn’t have enough spaghetti – and there wasn’t a strand to be had in Tesco either.  The only pasta I could get was twists, but it all works.

That’s it really, it was nice to be away, but it’s great to be home.

General sense today, is unsteady still, but okay. At least there were no bouts of crying for nothing today.

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